2012- New York City / Friends / Important People

2012 – New York City

On November 6, I headed to NYC for the first time.  It was four days after Superstorm Sandy hit and it was the day of the US election.

I had this trip booked for months and with the flight being non-refundable, I decided to go ahead with the trip.  I was meeting my friends Trev & Nic Birks as well as Katie Kay and Ashley Lane who I met on my Contiki adventure in 2011.  It was reunion of sorts!

While my trip there was uneventful, the rest of the crew battled with the cancellation of flights, cancellation of the NYC marathon and an apartment with no heat.  After all of that – we finally gathered in an apartment in Chelsea.  We saw the touristy New York City sights, ate delicious food and even got to take in the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular!

Seeing my friends from across the globe felt like being “home” – these individuals warm my heart and we all get along so well.

Picture 4

Highlights from an amazing trip:

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2 thoughts on “2012 – New York City

  1. Hi Kristin…I found a link to your blog in Google when I was researching jokes or funny quotes to add in a friend’s card who is turning 30 next week. I enjoyed reading a few of your other entries (forgive me for being nosy). Happy New Year and all the best for 2013!

    Petula Fera
    Brampton, ON

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