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A new style!

For years I have dyed my hair a natural black.  I’ve done it out of a box (thank you L’Oreal Excellence!) essentially because it was cheaper than going to the salon.

In the last 6 months, I’ve wanted to go back to more my natural colour which is a medium to dark brown.  The problem is that in order to do that, I needed to lift (or strip as it is also known) the black out of my hair.  I knew it would cost more than I’m usually used to spending at the salon so I kept putting it off.

As a WagJag subscriber (for those of you who don’t know what WagJag is, click here for more information), I was really happy when a deal for a salon was e-mailed to me.  Since I left Port Dover, I haven’t had a regular stylist and my hairstyle (and colour!) definitely reflected it.  The deal was $20 for $60 worth of services at Refresh Salon and Spa.  I purchased it and made an appointment letting the person that I spoke to know that I my hair would be needing to get stripped.  She was very pleasant and scheduled my appointment for Saturday, February 26 from 10am-1pm.

I arrived just before 10am armed with water, cut up cantaloupe and a rice krispie square in case I got hungry.  Thank you Weight Watchers for teaching me to be prepared!  I met Susie my stylist with whom I shared my hair dying history and what I was looking for in my new look.  I asked her opinion on colour and I essentially gave her free reign over my hair.

STEP ONE- Lift the black

Permanent black hair dye uses hair bleach to strip your hair of its natural color. The black hair dye then covers it with dark dye pigments. Naturally dark brown to black hair has an underlying red color pigment at its core.  Hair dye stripping uses chemicals to make the hair more porous so that the dye can be pulled out of the hair with other chemicals.

This was the first of the two times that my hair needed to be stripped.  As you can see, the dye was lifting well out of the top of my hair but not the bottom. In order to see exactly where the colour was lifting, Susie had to completely blow dry my hair after each lift.

(Time 11:00am)







As you can see, I’m starting to look like a clown.  Thankfully Susie warned me ahead of time that the stripping process will turn your hair interesting colours before it’s ready to be dyed again.

(Time 11:59am)















(Time 12:23pm)

This sort of freaked me out but I knew that Susie had a plan and that made me feel much better!  My hair was lifted one more time after this which I didn’t document.

STEP TWO- Colouring

Hair coloring is the practice of changing the color of hair. My main reason is to cover grey hair.  Since I was 17, the pesky hairs have been showing up and this began my hair colouring.










(Time 1:55pm)

Susie put three different colours into my hair- one for the roots, one for the highlights, and one for all over.

After waiting for the appropriate amount of time, my hair was washed and conditioned (with an amazing scalp massage) and I was excited to see the results.  Unfortunately, the dye didn’t take to the bottom half of my hair and had to be coloured again.








This colour reminds me of carrot baby food….

(Time 3:31pm)

Step Three- Cut

In terms of the cut, I asked Susie what she thought was best for my hair.  She told me that to avoid the “Christmas tree” look that often happened with long curly hair, she would cut some shorter layers in order for my hair to look more full.

Before the hair cut….

(Time 4:50pm)









Step Four- All done!

A big thank you to Susie for her patience with me all day.  After 7.5 hours, 6 hair washes, 4 full blow dries, 15 towels, 12 pairs of gloves, 2 cups of tea, and lots of conversation later, my hair was finally done.  Susie blow dried it and put some curl in the bottom so that it was perfect when I went to my event that night.

Final product!










(Time 5:17pm)

A BIG BIG thank you to the staff at Refresh Salon and Spa for all the hard work that went into my hair.  It was wonderful spending the day with you and look forward to my next appointment.  You’ve definitely earned a client through this process.

Here’s what the hair looked like at the event- once I dressed up and put make-up on!  Thank you again for everything.


7 thoughts on “A new style!

  1. Looks Good! But you know you can never go back to box colour again!!! You just joined the spending way too much on your hair club, welcome!

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